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Norman Scrimshaw

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I began a search for wisdom and truth around the age of twenty. My search spanned more than 30 years, as I investigated philosophy, psychology, much reading, personal growth seminars, living in an Ashram, trips to India, and commitment on spiritual paths with Indian gurus. Much was learned, but ultimately I was unsatisfied. In the summer of 1999, I had the good fortune to meet my teacher Adyashanti. It was a powerful time of meditation and inquiry.  In the process of life itself, I saw thoughts losing their power to dictate identification with fear, emotional pain, and anger. I awakened to the living experience that the truth and essence of my being was found not in any thoughts, but in the awakened presence of my heart.

In 2003, I was invited by Adyashanti to teach and share the Dharma (realization of one’s true nature) and to share the source of joy that lives within me. My teaching is inspired by Adyashanti, the nondual traditions of Zen and Advaita, and Bhakti Yoga (the practice of love, devotion and unity). I offer my teaching through Satsang, gatherings that include meditation, a dharma talk, dialogue with spiritual inquiry and Kirtan, the expression of Bhakti Yoga—all hearts meeting as one with sacred songs and mantras. Satsang is also an invitation to let go of who you think you are in your thoughts, and begin to touch, feel, and live from your true nature, which is an awakened heart. 

Recently I have added the study and practice of Neelakantha Meditation with Paul Muller-Ortega to deepen the experience of my true nature.

It is not from the mind and our thoughts, but through the heart and the love we bring to Life, that we find our true nature—the essence of our being.   
                                                                           ~  Norman Scrimshaw

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