Awakening to the Heart 

 A Mountain Sanctuary for Heart-Centered Community Gatherings & Events

             Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire                  

Create Your Own Shamanic Drum                                          

                                            …a journey of peace and healing

                                   Sunday, October 29, 2023   


                                        10 AM - 5 PM

                                           Contribution: $375   

 To Register:  Click Here  /  Enrollment closes on October 8   

$150 Deposit (Non-Refundable)  -  Due by  10/8 /2023

 Balance is due prior to workshop, or pay in full at time of registration

   (Class size is limited to 12)  


All Materials and Instruction + making a drum stick is included. 

Please bring your own lunch, drinks and snacks. 

Tea and fruit will be provided.

Your Heart has a Knowing ~ Is it calling you to Deer Medicine?

Deer Medicine is spirit power.

 The power of your spirit as well as the deer spirit. 

Join us in a day of peace and healing, deepening into yourself 

as you create your own 15” Deer Medicine Drum 

in the sacred space of BodhiHeart Yurt 

at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary.

JaneE will guide you on a journey to the spirit of Deer

where you will receive a personal message, 

deepening your relationship with your Deer Medicine Drum.

Ceremony is used to instill your spirit—your medicine into your drum,

creating a sacred healing tool, a beautiful instrument and a piece of art.

The sacred process of birthing your own personal medicine drum 

immerses you deep into your primal self, 

potentially touching parts of you 

that may have been hidden in this lifetime. 

You make tactile contact with the animal through its hide, 

with the sacred wood hoop, with the water, air, earth, fire, 

and all our relations in this immersion.


Jane E. King

Master Drum Builder/Energy Medicine Practitioner

Your animal medicine guide in a day of peace, deepening into yourself

as you birth/create your own Deer Medicine Drum.

The  hides are from wild deer of New England, primarily NH and VT,

recuperated from hunters who would otherwise discard them.

We are honoring the deer by giving them a new life through our drums.