Fall Silent Meditation Daylong Retreat ~ 9/28/19 | Awakening to the Heart

Fall Silent Meditation Daylong Retreat ~ 9/28/19

Fall Silent Retreat Heading

Silent Meditation Retreats at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary 
offer a time for being quiet with nature and the surrounding mountains.


Join us for a Day of Inquiry, Silence and Sacred Sound at BodhiHeart Yurt.

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This retreat is an invitation to rest in presence, a place that lies beyond personal identity and the mind. You will be supported to notice the mind and its stories as we gently let them go. What is it that is aware of these thoughts? We take interest in that. We continue to turn our attention from thoughts to a silent presence. We discover that this presence is not an experience we are having. It is our essential nature within which all thoughts and experiences arise.

The experience of group meditation is unique, as it allows us to go deeper into the silence. Spending the day with others in presence helps us to connect with life from the heart and in a place beyond words. 

The Dharma is like rain. Let it penetrate deeply into our consciousness, watering the seeds of wisdom and compassion that are already there. Absorb the talk openly, like the earth receiving a refreshing spring rain. The talk might be just the condition our tree needs to flower and bear the fruits of understanding and love. Deer Park Monastery

Surround yourself with the beauty of the mountains in their autumn colors. 

Spend a Day Devoted to Coming Home to Your True Nature...


After morning orientation, the day will be spent in silence (there is no casual conversation during lunch or breaks, and the only speaking/singing will be during Satsang, and Kirtan) 

There will be morning and afternoon Satsang with Norman, when we will listen to dharma talks that inspire spiritual inquiry, followed by dialogue to answer questions and offer insights. 


You will have time to spend outside in silence
and take a contemplative walk at Metta Labyrinth
and the grounds of Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary

Retreat details

Saturday, Sept 28, 2019

9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Please arrive early to check in and get settled. Retreat will start promptly at 9:00 am

Retreat Schedule

Requested Contribution:
$45-75.00 per person 

 Tea & Fruit is provided 

Please bring:

  • Warm socks or slippers
  • Water bottle 
  • Bag lunch

All are Welcome

If you are unable to come because of financial concerns, please contact us. Scholarships are available No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

* Retreat contributions help offset expenses to maintain BodhiHeart Yurt and funding to bring guest teachers & devotional musicians to Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary.

Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary
24 West Meadow Road
Thornton, NH 03285


Why is Kirtan an integral part of this silent meditation retreat? 

The mantras we sing in Kirtan have powerful sound vibrations that are healing for the mind, body and spirit. Participating in Kirtan opens and unifies our hearts, uplifts us and offers a sense of well-being, while bringing a greater concentration to the present moment, freeing us from the continuous stream of habitual and restless thoughts. Kirtan before silent meditation offers an opportunity to go deeper into the experience of presence and knowing that all is well. Cynthia will lead Kirtan for the retreat in the traditional call and response format. Song sheets will be provided.

Kirtan is simple, joyful and powerful meditation. 
It is the ebb and flow of healing sound
—mantras, ancient chants, devotional music— 
and all voices merging into One. 

It awakens us to our hearts, and our connection with one another.  

The beauty of Kirtan is that everyone can participate
—with voice, movement, or stillness. 
And with an open mind and heart, your soul and body will respond
with deeper knowing and delight.
                                        ~ Cynthia Scrimshaw                                                                                                                                                                             


Preregistration is required. 
~ Minimum number of retreat participants is 5 and maximum is 25 ~

You may pay in advance, or at the door. 
Please fill out contact form below to register.

Fall Silent Meditation Retreat - Saturday, September 28, 2019

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